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Best Ip Transit Service for you?

Interconnects IP Transit administration offers the best esteem in the commercial center. Controlled by the most interconnected system on the planet, it offers high caliber, adaptable and reasonable data transmission. Join our wide decision of administration areas with our exceptional integration to significant get to and substance systems all through the world, and you will see how we turned a large number of bearers, administration suppliers, and application and substance suppliers into faithful clients.

Our IP Transit administration keeps running over Interconnects overall Tier 1, IPv6 empowered, optical IP system – one of the biggest of its kind with more than 55,000 course miles (88.500 km) of whole deal fiber and more than 28,000 miles (45.060 km) of metropolitan fiber. Interconnects Autonomous System AS174 has direct integration to more than 5,470 AS (Autonomous System) systems around the globe and more than 71,900 Gbps internetworking limit.

We will inspire you first with the effortlessness of our item and deals process, then with quick provisioning of your administration. Our expert client bolster group, strategically placed in North America and Europe, will make your life simple and guarantee that your administration lives by our SLA – our dedication to extraordinary execution and supported unwavering quality.

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